NCA Management is led by Dr. Adam Tonis. Dr. Tonis has 30 years of experience in both the treatment of patients as well as management of medical practices. Engaging in direct patient care helped Dr. Tonis understand the individual care necessary to garner trust and render the most appropriate treatment for each person. These soft skills have been vital to the success of practices managed by NCA Management.

Over years of leading teams and building multi-specialty practices he has now found his experience are paying off for organizations such as NYC Surgical Associates and CSS. Forging relationships with ancillary professionals to better assist the treatment of each patient as well as designing, implementing and managing new processes across the board provide the patients of our practices the greatest opportunity to receive the most advanced treatment possible.

Our specialities include: ambulatory surgical centers, anesthesiology, vascular surgery, medical billing, human resources, practice optimization, revenue cycle management, and strategic planning.